Marker Nine

Marker Nine Affiliate Program

It's true. We've just celebrated our first full year and are gearing up to open our first retail location. And what a whirlwind it's been. We've seen Marker Nine all over the world, shipped it all over the country, been blessed to have friends support us along every step and now are having boutiques that carry our brand place reorders because their customers are loving the designs so much. 

Great things are still to come, but in the meantime, to celebrate our anniversary, we are excited to announce the start of our very first affiliate program. 

We value 'word of mouth' so much that we've put together a generous affiliate (referral) program. What does that mean? Every time you refer a customer our way, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale (20%) as a thank you.

You can sign up for our affiliate program by clicking here. 

Join just to make some extra cash for yourself or sign up an organization you want to earn some extra money for. College students wanting to sell on their campus would be ideal for this program, too! 

The way it works is sign up, we'll give you access to a special dashboard you can access anytime, you share the custom link we provide you and then anyone who shops from that link will earn you the 20% commissions. You can log in to your dashboard anytime to see how your sales are going and we'll pay you once a month what you've earned. 

We're truly humbled by your support and thank you for making this first year what it's been and for all the great things still to come. 


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