Marker Nine

Where's Your Marker Nine?

For us, there is an actual Marker Nine that inspired this coastal apparel company.

Just at the mouth of Sarah Creek off the Chesapeake Bay's York River has long held a special spot for two of the Marker Nine families.

But we all have a Marker Nine in our lives.

We've showed you ours. Please show us yours.

Email with your Marker Nine picture.

Load your pics to social media with Hastag #MarkerNine.

Thanks in advance for sharing!


You crawl down the creek, enjoying the calm of No Wake. Then you see her. Bright and green.

It's Channel Marker Nine on Sarah Creek along the Chesapeake Bay's York River and just after pulling past her, the open water awaits.

Just being here, in this space, fills your senses. The salt. The wind. The hum of the motor.

This is life. Coastal life. This is Marker Nine.

Developed by two families connected deeply to the sea, Marker Nine is a casual apparel company dedicated to all that the water provides to make life so, so sweet.


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