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Make Your Mark For Gloucster Montessori School

Timeless teachings in a changing world. That's what the Gloucester Montessori School aims to provide its students and Marker Nine is thrilled to welcome them to the Make Your Mark program!

Here's how it works!

Shop Marker Nine anytime and at checkout enter the code GMONT.

Marker Nine will then donate 20% of your total purchase to the Gloucester Montessori School to help them in their mission.

The Gloucester Montessori School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational institution.





Life. Coastal life. It's a blessing to be able to live here, play here and raise our families here. 

But in this life you get what you give. And Marker Nine wants to give back...helping everyone do all they can to make their mark.

Marker Nine will donate 20% of all sales from to your organization (excluding shipping and tax).

Simply email with the following information:

-Name of Organization


-Web Site

-Social Media Links

-Contact Information

Rudy will email you a special code that you can share with anyone you want. Shoppers will use that code at checkout and every month we'll tally your sales and send your organization a check. Checks are paid out the 1st of every month.

As an added benefit, Marker Nine will do a special blog post here on this site to promote your cause...and we'll share your code with our own audience to help you jump start your fundraising! If you choose to participate in this program, Marker Nine is happy to help you design an email to help you spread the word!

How can you help? Share the code and on all of your marketing channels - social media, email, blog, marketing collateral and more!

Let's make a difference...together. MAKE YOUR MARK!

*Marker Nine does reserve the right to decline an organization from participating if it does not hold the required tax exempt status or promotes hate or negativity.


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