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Dune Burger...Oh, How We Love You

Marker Nine’s first family – or at least 2/3rds of the founding families – sat around an Outer Banks beach house the summer of 2015 talking with their mouths half full of food.

Rude? Of course.

The topic at hand? Why do we love Dune Burger so much?

Dune Burger. It’s an Outer Banks tradition and has been for decades.

Their official Facebook information is this:

“Feeding locals and visitors alike on the Outer Banks for decades. Located across the street from Jennette's Pier and next door to Sam and Omie's Restaurant at Whalebone Junction in Nags Head. Favorites include Dune Burgers, Thatsa Dogs & ice cream.”

To be honest, with this blog post, we set out to make a top 10 list of why we love Dune Burger. We only got to six reasons…and when you see reason number six as you keep reading, you’ll understand why.

  1. Cheese fries. Completely and totally saturated French Fried goodness that oozes with cheese. Nom nom nom nom.
  2. Onion rings that have that perfect combination of sweet summer onion goodness with enough batter surrounding the outer edges of each ring that you get a good crisp. Oh, yeah.
  3. Tastes like summer. No matter when you bite into a Dune Burger, you’ll feel like it’s summer. Sweet, sweet summer.
  4. No shoes. No shirt. No problem. When you are munchin at the junction – Dune Burger is located in southern Nags Head right where you either turn to hit the southern most cottages of beach road, head to Manteo or stay on Route 12 to head to Oregon Inlet and Hatteras Island. It’s walk up and order…wearing whatever you roll up in. Just off the beach? Come in your bathing suit. No problem.
  5. The grease from the burger turns the white paper it’s wrapped in clear. Don’t pretend like you think it’s gross. It’s AMAZING. On vacation, calories and fat don’t count, right?
  6. In the words of Marker Nine co-founder’s oldest son, Ford, “because it’s just awesome.” Enough said.

    Can we get a collective COME ON for Dune Burger? COME ON!

    Check them out on Facebook here and definitely visit them next time you’re in the OBX. Tell them Marker Nine sent you.

    Dune Burger. Definitely Marker Nine approved.

    Dune Burger is located at 7304 S Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, North Carolina 27959.

    And yes, they take credit cards and cash.

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