Seven Reasons Marker Nine Loves Turks and Caicos (and Sara Harris Photography)

In so many ways, this could be a blog post with no words, just pictures!

Just this weekend, following an amazing trip to Turks and Caicos where we found a true channel Marker Nine, savored sweet family time and reconnected with nature and ourselves, our dear friend at Sara Harris Photography shared her amazing images of Marker Nine living the coastal life.

These aren't marketing shots - and that's what we love so much about these! That's how good Sara is...she captures this sweet, coastal life as it happens. Naturally. No make up. No posing. Just life. The sweet, sweet moments of life.

While Sara shared dozens of great images with us, we've pulled out just seven of Marker Nine's first family living it up, loving on the water and creating family memories together!

1. Watching young Will fall so deeply in love with the sweet, salty waters of Grace Bay. You couldn't keep this boy down. Pose for a quick family pic? No way. He's headed for the water. And that's the way it should be!

2. It's true. We love a good Fatty Natty and a crisp craft Virginia beer. But when in Turks and Caicos, it's Turk's Head Lager all the way...wrapped up in a Marker Nine coozie, of course! This shot was taken on Iguana Island where there was little to no development, 50,000 iguanas and lots of great exploring to do!

3. Sweet Marker Nine family love along Grace Bay. No further caption needed.

4. Could this moment have been any better? Marker Nine's Rudy Heinatz walks to the end of a pier, looks out over the water and Sara is there to capture it all. Pretty sure Rudy didn't even realize she was back there he was so engrossed in the water and the beach walk the entire family was on. The best part? Aside from the Marker Nine tee we love so much, of course, is the ocean kayak sitting right there. If you live near the water, you live on the water. You play on the water. No matter where you are in the world.

5. Long walks along Grace Bay Beach to search for conch shells. Crisp white sand that beams in the sun, and sticks together like glue for epic sand castle building projects.

6. Moments like these. Quiet. Looking out over the water. No big undercurrent to pull you in. Enough salt to let you float for hours. Perfection. That's Grace Bay Beach. No wonder it was voted the best beach in the world. THE ENTIRE WORLD!

7. Relaxation. Pretty sure your can literally see the stress evaporate from your body as soon as you see the sea.


We saved the best for last! Yes, that is a channel Marker Nine near Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos, discovered on a party, snorkel and excursion boat with friends, old and new! The captain of the boat may have thought we were a little crazy when we saw the marker, and kindly pulled around so we could get some fun shots! And note, Sara Harris herself is sporting a Marker Nine long sleeve tee! We can't thank her enough for her friendship, her support...and these amazing images. Stay tuned...we'll have more to share soon!

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