Our Inspiration: Marker Nine on Sarah Creek in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay

Marker Nine Sarah Creek Virginia

"Give me the smell of low tide, marsh grass and a two-stroke and I'm in heaven."
-Mike Silberhorn, Marker Nine Co-Founder

We've said it time and time again - because we love the story! - when asked about the inspiration for Marker Nine.

You crawl down the creek, enjoying the calm of No Wake. Then you see her. Bright and green.

It's Channel Marker Nine on Sarah Creek along the Chesapeake Bay's York River and just after pulling past her, the open water awaits.

Just being here, in this space, fills your senses. The salt. The wind. The hum of the motor.

This is life. Coastal life. This is Marker Nine.

Well this - these pictures below - is the real Channel Marker Nine that inspired it all. It stands tall in Sarah Creek just outside the waters of the York River Yacht Haven, at the mouth of the York River in Virginia's famed Chesapeake Bay.

It's where the families who founded Marker Nine have spent countless hours in the salty waters. It's a happy place, a fun place, a place that's formative in the young lives of the next generation of Marker Nine.

Meet our Marker Nine. And then head over to our Facebook page and show us yours. Don't forget to use the hashtag #MYMARKERNINE.

Marker Nine Sarah Creek Virginia

If you know Marker Nine co-founder Mike Silberhorn, you know where there's a boat and a Marker Nine coozie, a Fatty Natty (Natural Light) isn't far behind.

Marker Nine Sarah Creek Virginia

See that? Love for the water. Love for Marker Nine. Love for family. That's co-founder Mike Silberhorn's boys hugging it out!

Marker Nine Sarah Creek Virginia

Does this even really need a caption? Boat + summer days + the waters outside Marker Nine = best childhood memories ever.

Marker Nine Sarah Creek Virginia

It isn't a beach party or a boat party without some of our favorite pooches.

Marker Nine Sarah Creek Virginia

There she is. Bright and green. #MyMarkerNine

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