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If You Know Dick McKee You Know Mike Silberhorn

Have you ever heard of the Proust Questionnaire? It traces its origins to a parlor game popularized by French essayist and novelist Marcel Proust. He believed that in answering a series of deep questions you could reveal the true nature of someone.

Well, here at Marker Nine, we believe that you can reveal someone's true love of the coastal life in the same way...with the Marker Nine Questionnaire.

And we’re kicking it off with a one on one interview and conversation with Mike Silberhorn, Marker Nine co-founder. You might know him better as Dick McKee (if you know, you know).

What are your top three yacht rock songs that must be on your beach or boat playlist?

(After several minutes of careful deliberation...)

I’m gonna have to go with “I’d Really Love to See You Tonight” by English Dan and John Ford Coley, “Baby Come Back” by Player, and “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie.

What is your favorite seafood?

Fresh caught, fresh fried, York River Spanish mackerel.

What is your drink of choice on the beach or boat?

There is nothing that comes close to ice cold, Natural Light in a bottle.

If you could only bring one person out on your boat with you (or to spend the day on the beach), who would it be? Living or dead. Celebrity or not. You pick.

Jimmy Harris.

Blow boat or power boat?

(With an incredulous look...)


Creek crawl or full throttle?

Creek crawl at full throttle, lets go to Food Lion. #AlyHoover

(After being instructed that the interviewee cannot answer with only an inside joke...)

I love both so much. Hmmmm…two-stroke, 6400 RPMs of full throttle.

Snack attack. What are the must have snacks for a day on the boat or beach?

Food Lion fried chicken. Or, you know what else I like? When (Tina Silberhorn) makes those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, quarters them, and we put ‘em in the cooler and they’re ice cold. Those are great, too.

What is your earliest water memory?

My earliest would be probably going out on Pop Pop’s 16-foot deadrise runabout. It had an old 40 Evinrude on the back. 

Describe your perfect day (preferably on the water).

A late morning start, light winds with a slight chop to get the boat at max speed at 6400 RPMs of two-stroke power and then sit at the mouth of Sarah Creek and Marker Nine. Just sitting all day - talking, waving, socializing with friends and neighbors coming by the point. Family, too. Kids swimming and me sucking down a couple cold Nattys.

What's the biggest fish tale that you told?

Even when I did fish, I never made anything up. I do like to fish - I just don’t do it anymore. Fish tale? Skip one and come back to it?

(After explaining that this is the last question...)

Back in the early eighties, when the big, huge, bluefish used to come up Guinea Marshes and Allen’s Island around the Perrin River, I had like a 12-foot little aluminum boat, a little skiff, and you would just throw half a croaker out and those suckers would pull the boat!

Pull you all around while you’re catching fish.

It’s true!

Either that...or the time that I saved Chris Leigh’s life with a bag of Sunchips.

(You’ll have to ask Dick himself for the rest of that story.)

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