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MAKE A MARK: Help Marker Nine Support Public Access and Recreation Along the Waterways of the Middle Peninsula

Virginia Water Trails

We are blessed beyond measure. Truly.

As I sit here and type this announcement, I’m sitting on my back porch overlooking the York River. The pier juts out more than 500 feet to deep water. The water’s edge is filled with sand that naturally collects there, providing a haven of fun for our 8-year-old son and his buddies.

In a couple of months, we’ll drop crab pots in the water and work to collect our own dinner from time to time.

When the tide goes out, the natural oyster reef near the shore will peek up above the waves.

And even if the fish aren’t biting, chances are by the end of this day, someone will walk out to the end of the pier and drop in a line. Just because.

As I said. Blessed. So, so, so blessed.

To be able to have access to the water, to wake up to the sun rising above the line where the York River meets the Chesapeake Bay, is a dream come true for our family, and a dream we’ve labored hard, and sacrificed, to make happen.

We have found great happiness, great solace, and wonderful peace in this place. Not to mention, we've learned more about the seasons of life, the seasons of nature, watching it all unfold before our eyes. 

It’s made my wish for my community and all my friends access to all the benefits water offers – whether it’s for memory making, occupation,  meditation or recreation.

That’s why today we are DELIGHTED to announce that from now until May 15, 2019 a portion of all sales from MarkerNine.com (10% to be exact) will be donated to the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority.

Why is this important? Because this organization is charged with ensuring that the public always has access to our beloved waterways.

Officially speaking, the Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority was created by the Virginia General Assembly on April 7, 2002 and ratified by participating localities on June 13, 2003. It recognizes that shorelines are high priority natural areas and that it is critical to set aside access sites for all types of recreational activities important to our economy and to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

On the Middle Peninsula, the locality members of the authority include the counties of Essex, Gloucester (our hometown), King & Queen, King William, Mathews and Middlesex and the towns of Tappahannock, Urbanna, and West Point.

Today, the authority owns and is preserving for the public some of the most beautiful waterway access points. You can learn more about all they do here

They are also working with the Virginia Water Trails (click here to explore more about that) to better promote these waterways. 

Having known the Board that oversees the properties and its Executive Director, we happen to know exciting things are in the works.

Thank you in advance for helping us MAKE A MARK for all in our community and helping support the mission to preserve the public access to waterways.

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