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What’s in a name? Marker Nine.

By now, we hope you recognize Marker Nine as the casual, coastal apparel company that celebrates the water and the lifestyle around it. 

Find the distinctive logo with an encircled 9 on products that include hoodies, shirts with long and short sleeves and hats.

Rudy Heinatz and Mike Silberhorn founded the Gloucester-based company in 2015.

But what exactly does Marker Nine mean?

Channel markers guide boaters just as road signs direct cars. Just like a green light means “go” when you’re driving, a green channel marker gives the go-ahead to continue your direction minus any hazards. All channel markers have numbers that indicate how close you are to the open water.

Company co-founder Rudy Heinatz thought Marker Nine had a good ring to it before he discovered Marker Nine really is the channel marker where the York River and Sarah Creek connect as you make your way to the Chesapeake Bay. The Heinatz and Silberhorn families live close to Sarah Creek, a treasure trove of natural beauty.

“We were looking for something to symbolize our love of the coast,” Rudy says.

If you believe in serendipity, 15-years-ago, Mike discovered an old Marker Nine while boating one day in Sarah’s Creek. He rescued it and housed it in his garage.

The sign in Marker Nine’s retail shop at 2082 George Washington Memorial Highway in Gloucester is made with that original channel marker.

Pulling past Marker Nine awakens your senses. The salt. The hum of the motor. The sea.

A sweet and special way of life. An unspoiled attitude. An appreciation for all that awaits beyond Marker Nine.

That’s something to celebrate.

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