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There's no doubt about it. If we don't all band together to take care of the waters we love, they won't be there for us to continue to enjoy. To make memories on. Or for our children to learn the love of a good boating day in the heat of summer or the thrill of catching your first wave. 

So what would you say if we told you there is a way to combine that passion - passion for the water, passion for the coast - with a love of beer? Craft beer.

Thanks to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery and THE GREAT RETURN, there is.

The Great Return is a West Coast Style India Pale Ale made by this Richmond, Va.-based craft beer giant. Their beer is great. Their dedication to the mission to make this world a better place is even better.

Here's why.

Hardywood contributes $10 per barrel of The Great Return to The James River Association in support of their mission to be the guardian of the James River, the giant of the Chesapeake Bay. As you know, Marker Nine was founded and inspired by Channel Marker Nine in Sarah Creek, just off the York River. The York and James Rivers are all part of the Chesapeake Bay, so in our mind anything you do to benefit one river helps benefit them all in the bigger picture.

The James River Association's core programs include watershed restoration, education and outreach, advocacy and their Riverkeeper Program.

Now...about that beer.'s a tasty one. Light enough for a beach day. Bold and hoppy enough for die hard beer lovers.

Here's how the brewers themselves describe The Great Return: "Bold, resinous and bursting with bright grapefruit aroma, this IPA is a tribute to the decades of hard work by conservationists to restore the James River as a bounty of vibrant aquatic life, eco-friendly recreational activity, and in our case, fresh brewing water. These efforts have culminated recently with the symbolic return (THE GREAT RETURN) of the endangered Atlantic sturgeon, a prehistoric, yet majestic behemoth of a fish, spotted as far up the James River as the fall line in Richmond."

This beauty of an IPA is available year round from Hardywood in kegs or cans.

It's already a staple around the Marker Nine headquarters.


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