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Ten years later, Alewerks Brewing Company focuses on the future

Ten years later, Alewerks Brewing Company focuses on the future

AleWerks Beer Williamsburg Virginia

Ten years ago Chuck Haines, a lover of fine beer, set out on a mission: to open a craft brewery in Williamsburg. That might not seem so farfetched in today’s market of kitschy craft beer. But at the time, opening a startup brewery in an industrial park wasn’t an obvious winner of an idea.

That was 2006. Today, Alewerks Brewing Company (formerly known as Williamsburg Alewerks) has taken over several buildings within Ewell Industrial Park off Mooretown Road in York County. Once a newcomer in the fledgling industry for Virginia, Alwerks is now...

Thirst no more: Great craft beer is at your doorstep thanks to Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Hardywood Park Craft Beer Virginia

Tucked into nondescript brick buildings in a gritty, industrial neighborhood between Richmond’s The Diamond and Fan neighborhoods is a Virginia company that does everything right. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, in just four years, has become — in our minds — Virginia’s signature craft brewery, defined not only by the tasty, “I’ll have another, bartender” quality of its craft beers but also by its business model.

Hardywood Park is that rare combination of entrepreneurial business that produces top caliber products —...